(1) the spouse, life partner or unmarried partner of a Turkish contractor or ECAA worker who has applied for or applied for the ILR, or a former ECAA worker or contractor who has become a British national. (2.1) If the person`s leave outside the United Kingdom has elapsed, provided that a new application for entry authorization has been made within 28 days of the expiry of the leave and before 6 July 2018 and that this application has been granted at a later date, the leaveless period is ignored if the applicant makes an application for additional entry authorization in a period after 6 July 2018 in which he retains a limited leave that will be granted at a later date. the period that has been spent outside the United Kingdom during extended vacations and which applies until the applicant`s readmission to the United Kingdom is taken into account only in the circumstances described in the exceptional cases described below. The Guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior for Turkish businessmen contain strict requirements regarding the documents to be provided using a visa application for Turkish entrepreneurs, although there are few legal requirements under the immigration rules applicable to this category. The Ankara agreement does not apply only to a business start-up visa. Applicants have the right to work without starting a business as long as the following conditions apply under the agreement. If you have worked with the same employer for 12 months in areas that are part of English under bilateral agreements on a work visa, you can also apply for a work visa. Citizens applying for a work visa can obtain a mailing visa if they prove the following three items. After obtaining their visa, they must work with the same employer for 3 years. At the end of the 4th year, the applicant may make a change of sector or employment under the visa for workers requested under the Ankara Agreement. After the 4th year, visas are renewed for a period of three years.

The main criteria of the Ankara agreement on workers` visas are as follows; A business plan can be implemented in many ways, it can also be wrongly done, false information and remember, a business plan is just as good as the information you put into it. The Ministry of the Interior will address your legal representative that we are.