Applications and applications relating to contract law and European law are processed by different insurance agencies. If you have lived or worked in one or more Member States or countries under contract, either you will be taken care of when you receive the certificate, you will keep a copy of your records and you will give the original to your employee to take him to Germany. For the calculation of your pension, the principle is that each Member State or contracting country pays only the pension of its own insurance period and according to its own legal provisions. The agreement includes social security taxes (including Us-Medicare`s share). Following an endorsement that will begin on 1 May 1996, taxes on the financing of German health insurance and long-term care programmes will also be included. The agreement also applies to social security pension benefits, disability and survivor insurance. It does not cover benefits under the U.S. Medicare program or the ISS (security supplement). The following social security agreements are currently in force, so you should always make sure to report all your insurance periods in all Member States or contracting countries when you apply. If you have credits in both the United States and Germany, you may be eligible for benefits from one or both countries. If you meet all the essential requirements under a country`s system, you will benefit regularly from that country. If you don`t meet the basic requirements, the agreement can help you qualify for a performance, as explained below. Wage-female benefits paid at age 60 with coverage of 15 years and more than 10 years of covered work after the age of 40.

If you have worked in several Member States or contract countries, you receive an individual pension from each country in which you have accumulated periods of insurance, as long as the eligibility requirements are met, with the “smallest pension” rule being an exception. As part of this agreement, German pensions for working in the ghetto are transferred to authorized persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland. If you live in a Member State or a country under contract, we recommend that you apply for a pension through the insurance agency in your country of residence. The withdrawal agreement provides for a transitional period until 31 December 2020, renewable once a year or two years if the UK and THE EU agree on this point until 30 June 2020.