investment liberalization, protection, promotion and facilitation of investment; avoid unnecessary damage to investors and covered investments, as well as the economic, economic and financial interests of other Member States. With respect to investments within the scope of this agreement, the ASEAN IGA or the scope of this agreement and the AIA agreement, investors of these investments may apply the provisions of this agreement or the ASEAN agreement for a period of three years from the end of THE ASEAN ACCORD and the AIA, but only in their entirety. In an interview with the Oxford Business Group last year, Surin Pitsuwan, then ASEAN Secretary General, stressed the commitment of the agreements to international best practices and called the agreement a “big initiative.” an investor from another Member State, which is a legal entity in that other Member State, and investments made by that investor when an investor in a non-member state owns or controlled by the corporation and the corporation does not carry out essential activities on the territory of another Member State; After notification by the investor to the Member State and without prejudice to paragraph 1, a Member State may deny investors in another Member State and that investor`s investments the benefits of this agreement if it finds that that investor has made an investment by misrepresenting its ownership in the investment areas reserved for individuals or corporations of the Member State which denies it. 100 Articles 1 and 2 of the Charter of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN Charter), signed by heads of state and government on November 20, 2007, online: . 56 See Sornarajah, above in Note 5 196, 232, which refers to the alternative wording (found in some contracts) that a protected investment must be made “from time to time in the host state” in accordance with laws, policies and regulations. Sornarajah criticizes this “subjective” formulation as “the deprivation of the contract of any content protected by protection, because the host state could simply defeat the protection of the treaty by amending its laws.” (ibid., at 232) The CFIA`s third amending protocol is a change to the top note of the ACIArl. Under the CFIA, the AMS recognized the “legal person,” that is, the corporation, as an investor, taking into account the fact that the company is incorporated in accordance with AMS law. This means that companies that are registered in one AMS SYSTEM and invest in another AMS are protected by aCIA. Member States are cooperating in raising awareness of ASEAN as an integrated investment area to increase foreign investment in ASEAN and ASEAN investment, including by joining forces with the goal of making ASEAN a globally competitive economic region, ASEAN has also stepped up its efforts and initiatives to facilitate and promote investment.