16 KEY ISSUES DISCUSSED Services from Host Fees and ExpensesHost Production Management Services Costs and Expenditure Capacity Accounting 12 Multi-Field DevelopmentThis is an example of multi-terrain development. The NaKika Host Platform was built 50/50 by Shell and BP to process production from a number of domains, most of which owned 50/50 Shell and BP. NaKika Facility 30 Production Prioritization – ResultsInterruptible Reduced or suspended based on Host Ullage Firm Reduced on a-rata basis Formulas given for each calculation Host production proportionally reduced only in firm an rata reduction This document reflects one of the common convictions of the PJVA and capL, that the only effective and effective way to address the growing problem of common well pads without agreement is to create a previous document that can serve as a starting point for the vast majority of pad-sharing agreements. 21 Access fee – Access cost of access infrastructureSeer-initial pre-boarding IAF to cover: access to host use of host facilities, Deck – Riser Space Services provided by host owners 29 other approaches to productionPriorisation takes into account: Establish Restrictions Types Processing Facilities Export Pipeline System Offer for the use of host capacity in case of restrictions At the beginning of each calendar year, the PJVA Standing Committee will take all Errata`s for the past year and integrate them into a new version of the PJVA agreements. Since members present points or concerns to the VPA Standing Committee, they are discussed and, if agreed, we raise the point or concerns on the Errata side so that other members can consult them. 25 Overhead – The results host receives an overhead rate for O-M and Major Construction. No overheads for infrastructure access fees, deferred production compensation and other reported costs. Will reconsider the approach based on the comments. Distinguish between compensation for the host operator and compensation for host owners. Deepwater Production Handling Agreements COURSE OF ACTION/TIMING – ActionEst.

Completion – Preparation of the PHA 02/2003 Design Team – Form Assembly 03/2003 – Development of the PHA 03/2004 Basic Model Form Development – OCS Committee Review 05/2004 – Processing Period 07/2004 – Industry Review 09/2004 – Period of treatment 11/2004 2004 – APPROVAL of the OCS Committee 12/2004 – AAPL Forms Committee Approval 12/2004 8 Assumptions EstablishedGuideline document Written for most common development scenarios Subsea tieback to floating, compliant or fixed platform Individual circumstances determine the necessary approach 28 Capacity – result remains in progress. Many comments about Flow Assurance and Interruptible Capacity and how they fit into the scheme have been received. Deepwater Production Handling Agreements Status Current Activity – Creating key components Remaining Activities – Complete preparation of the main components – Design of the “boiler plate” Language Service Centre Management NCURA REGIONS VI and VII CONFERENCE 7. April 2009. 14 KEY PHA COMPONENTS Definitions Infrastructure – Facilities Services Costs and Expenses Processing and Handling Capacity Measurement and allocations Collection and transport Suspension of operation and force majeure Duration, Default, Cancellation and Continuation of Services Commitments and Compensation Insurance and Obligations Exhibitions . 22 Access fee – Income (continued)Volumetric based premium fee for adjusted fixed capacity charge annual minimum monthly fee (related to the company`s capacity) is added to the joint expenses of O-M . Please reply: taskforce@pjva.ca until March 1, 2019 To use the PSSA, you can order it online via the PJVA order form – Word documents as well as PDF document with notes. The documents are available free of charge for 30 days. 18 Costs are taken into account: different methods of cost recovery (e.g.B.