Only content produced by Students at the University of Pennsylvania can be processed by gymnastics. Documents produced by users outside this group, including applicants for admission to a University of Pennsylvania program or school, must not be submitted through Turnitin. Materials produced by teachers or researchers at Penn should be processed through iThenticate. Due to the security and privacy settings in their browsers, some users may have difficulty viewing and accepting the new CLJ by clicking on the link above. Depending on the turnitin integration used, when you access the gymnastics assignment dashboard, the CLA can be represented either as a pop-up window or as a pop-up window when sending a task. You have to click “I agree” to continue and use the product. We want you to be informed of the agreement and what it said. To remedy this, please update your Safari version to the latest version. If you can`t update Safari, use another browser, z.B. Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (to delete this user agreement message). When using the plagarist plugin, the user is not at any time asked to consent to Turnitin, which means that he will receive an error at the end stating that the assignment was not transmitted because the user did not accept the CLU. I wonder where the user agrees if the account on Turnitin was created via Moodle? When I use the turnitin assignment module for a task, the student is asked to accept Turnitin`s end-user license agreement before submitting it. Is that the resignation? Oh, really? At what stage are they invited to accept them? For some reason, it doesn`t show up at all for me.

Is there a specific parameter that requires allocation? We only use the plagiarism cap and it asks the children to accept the agreement – 1 time per course though. Not by task in the course, it seems, please address any questions or concerns regarding this agreement or turnitin to your course director. […] Zwart legt in een blogpost uit wat er mis is. Door de voorwaarden you accepten geef I Turnitin een brede, oneindige licentie […]. Teams of teachers and students who use gymnastics tasks should be aware that the product is subject to an end-user license agreement (EULA). We advise you to read the entire CLU, but we`ve summarized a few important points below: If you click on this link, you should receive a pop-up to accept the CLU. If you deposit an entry on Turnitin, you will be asked to accept the latest CLA (see below). The Faculty Resources page contains detailed information on the handling and reporting of academic integrity issues at the University of Pennsylvania.

. Students must activate this checkbox to submit the task, but it is not a matter of accepting the Turnitin End user license agreement. Students are not required to accept the ECJ to submit. However, their transmission continues to be done via Turnitin and a similar report is still generated, which the manager can view. For more information, please contact poorvu Center at The University of Pennsylvania has a student conduct office that “addresses alleged cases of academic dishonesty and other misconduct by students to determine how best to resolve these allegations in accordance with the university`s goals and mission as an educational and intellectual community.” You can arrange a confidential consultation with the CSO before making decisions. If you have any questions, ask or ask for more information, please contact the Courseware support team at