1. Amazon has contracts with government authorities, including a 10-year contract with the CIA, to meet its cloud technology requirements using AWS. Amazon is in favor of the arrival in 2019 of several cloud computing contracts pending for other government agencies. Contract with Amazon to operate USPS technology for 10 years on AWS. Trump claimed in the interview, without proof, that the postal service was losing about $3 per parcel with Amazon. He had previously claimed that the loss was 1.50 $US. Amazon cleaning up the USPS is not a fantasy. If Jeff Bezos decides to work with Trump and members of Congress, Bezos could negotiate a deal that would eventually make Amazon take over the U.S. Postal Service.

From a strategic point of view, I think amazon, which takes over the USPS, is the biggest step Amazon could take to create an insurmountable competitive advantage, since it is logistics and delivery over the last mile. I also think the best way for Amazon to change the congressional narrative is that Amazon should be dismantled. Only time will tell if what I wrote becomes reality. However, an even bigger problem for Amazon is the fact that Amazon`s growth has hoisted a series of red flags with members of Congress, President Donald Trump and several Democratic candidates running for president. Amazon is under the microscope and the heat is increasing. Despite shipping with UPS and FedEx, most amazon shipments are still shipped via USPS. Amazon is not the only usps customer, but with 40% of Amazon`s business, sandbulte says the postal service “chooses winners and losers in the retail world.” 9. Enable Amazon to create strategic partnerships with any company of its choice if it improves the customer experience; Improves efficiency Reduce costs and complexity and increases the viability of the USPS to generate revenue and profits. To solve his problems, I think Amazon should proactively turn to Trump to find a solution to make the USPS more efficient and eliminate the significant revenue losses from the mail. The USPS has lost $69 billion since 2007 and will continue to lose money if there are no major reforms. The agency has $110 billion in unfunded debt for pensions and health care, and its staff receive more and more pension benefits each year.

In the absence of major restructuring, the USPS is expected to lose tens of billions of dollars over the next decade. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has put the USPS on the “high risk” list because of its gloomy financial outlook. Of all the problems on Trump`s radar, solving the U.S. Postal Service`s conundrum should be one of his top priorities. In 2013, the New York Times reported that the United States Postal Service (USPS) would begin delivering on Sundays to online retail giant Amazon. It first served as the USPS` attempt to stop the agency`s financial hemorrhage, which occurred as Americans sent fewer and fewer letters. With an annual loss of about $16 billion, transactions with profitable companies such as the one led by Jeff Bezos were a step in the right direction in terms of USPS` efforts to eliminate losses. Walmart and Amazon have focused heavily on each other, with both companies looking for ways to gain the upper hand through strategy and logistics. Over a period of less than 30 days, Amazon and Walmart both made a series of same-day shipping announcements, with Amazon announcing Walmart by announcing the free shipment of 10 million items for Prime members. I guess the logistical battle between Walmart and Amazon will intensify, as each company seeks to increase its customer base and increase the volume of products sold and delivered.