According to an analysis by the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence, which provides training to franchise professionals, war costs between franchisees and franchisees are the most common. If you are considering buying a franchise, the best starting point to have a conversation – we would be happy to hear from you. If you are abroad, please note that we are complying with visa requirements for entry into Australia or similar. Our company is led by a highly qualified management team with extensive retail experience. We offer our full support to our franchise partners and work together with resilient and proven processes. With specialized advice, training and a proven structure, Bedshed takes a lot of risks to manage its own business. “Craig, who is in his 30s, wanted a career, so I bought a brushing franchise,” he says of his business, which includes Geelong, Victoria`s second-largest city and southwestern Victoria. Bedshed also strives to listen to our franchisees and seek their contribution to important business decisions. Looking for the freedom and flexibility to be your own boss? Independent studies show that our franchisees are financially more satisfied than 84% of the franchise sector. Our blend of industry knowledge and specialized advice and training means more success for our franchisees.

5.Talk to financial and legal advisors who have experience in managing franchise agreements. What are the upfront and current costs? Is there any extra charge? Check your rights and obligations, how much autonomy you will have and ask what happens if you want to break the contract. 3.La candour have the right culture for you? If you are happy with the rules, procedures and service levels n. Talk to potential franchise partners to find out exactly what it is. The main goal of Bedshed is the success and profitability of the franchise partner and a means that Bedshed achieves is through the MAC or Merchandise Advisory Council. A unique feature of the Bedshed is MAC. This board consists of a select group of Partners from the Bedshed Franchise, elected by the franchise network, who work with the Bedshed Merchandise team to design, develop and decide on the furniture stores want to store and sell. Then, the entire network is invited to make purchases abroad twice a year and visits the factories that manufacture the furniture on which the franchise network had agreed to transport and sell them in their stores. Then, franchise partners order directly from manufacturers, which allows margins of local suppliers to be cut, resulting in higher than usual profits. And of course, higher profits mean more money in the pockets of our franchise partners “There`s never been so much choice,” says Len Ferguson, chief executive of Finn Group, which acts as an intermediary between buyers and the sale of franchised companies. “Most people think it`s limited to Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald`s fast-food outlets or Subway, and don`t realize that there are opportunities for all ages and backgrounds.” Bedshed will help the right person buy the right store where they will use our accredited franchise model; our 30-year history has been tested, tested and perfected.

Our highly profitable franchise model is accredited at Westpac and Bankwest, allowing you to rest.