The Australian government looks forward to negotiations for an ambitious and comprehensive free trade agreement with the UK, a close friend and important trading partner. Increased trade will strengthen our supply chains and allow our businesses to recover from the economic benefits of COVID-19. The free trade agreement will serve as a framework for an even closer economic partnership, as the UK intends to strengthen its engagement in the Indo-Pacific region. Together, the United Kingdom and Australia are promoting a liberal free trade agenda that will help preserve a long-term environment of prosperity. To this end, Australia, as a member of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), welcomes the UNITED Kingdom`s intention to join this group of stateless free trade countries. In total, CPTPP members accounted for 13% of global GDP in 2018. The United Kingdom is determined to boost its activity through membership. By removing barriers to digital commerce and developing a better understanding of the evolution of technology in both markets, this new agreement can help fast-growing technology companies like Deliveroo, as we work with more and more restaurants across Singapore to bring their quality food products directly to customers` doors. “We believe that this agreement with Kenya will complement Africa`s regional integration efforts, including in the East African Community and the pioneering African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), and the United States is pledging additional support to help AfCFTA reach its full potential.” Digital trade between the UK and Singapore is now more important than ever, as businesses in the post-pandemic economy move more and more online. The agreement will also strengthen trust and community between and between regulators in both countries. The discussions between Kenya and the United States on a free trade agreement are yet another sign of an improvement in the competitiveness of U.S.

businesses in one of the continent`s most dynamic economies and regions. They also pave the way for Kenyan companies to build on AGOA`s successes, while ensuring commercial benefits such as market access beyond 2025.