During the first year of work, the worker acquires the right to go on vacation after six months of continuous work in the given organization. After the parties agree, the worker may also be entitled to paid leave before the six-month period expires. Give at least 14 days of termination. The termination date in the notification may be the last day of the temporary validity period or up to 14 days after. You must share this before the end of your fixed-term contract. Vacate until the date in your press release. Article 127. Exercise of the right to leave in the event of worker dismissal The procedure and conditions for granting additional paid annual leave for workers with irregular working hours are created by the Government of the Russian Federation in organisations financed by the federal budget, they are set up by the authorities of the Russian Federation within organisations on the budget of the Russian Federation , and they are created by local government authorities in organizations that are funded by the local budget. Landlords may have a legitimate right to the tenant`s deposit, especially if the tenant left without the landlord`s consent and did not have a break-up clause. While deposit companies such as TDS can decide whether a tenant disagrees with the landlord`s decision to keep a deposit, they cannot deal with counter-claims.

So if a tenant left prematurely because they think the landlord is violating the agreement, the tenant should instead try to get his deposit back through the court of claim. If a trial period is completed and an employee continues to operate, the results of a trial period are considered positive and termination of an employment contract is only possible for general reasons. An employer must transfer a worker who, based on his medical degree, needs another position to another existing position within the organization. This difference in position should not be detrimental to the worker because of his or her medical condition, depending on the results of a medical examination. This transition requires the employee`s consent. If the employee does not agree on the transition or if there is no corresponding employment in the organization, the employment contract is terminated in accordance with section 77, paragraph 8, of this code. The employee`s refusal to make a statement does not preclue the imposition of a disciplinary sanction against him. The worker must be disciplined within one month of the date of the offender`s discovery, with the exception of the date of illness or departure of the employee and the time required to take into account the opinion of the staff`s representation.