If you have hired independent contractors, you must execute a similar agreement with the same provision. Our EULA generator will help you generate this agreement by simply entering information about our software application. You are free to adapt the agreement as you deem correct after creation. If you include rules of conduct in your legal agreement, it gives your company reasons to terminate an account when a user harasses another or even engages in illegal activities. 2. Accept the terms of this license agreement 1. This licensing agreement is a legally binding contract between the administrator and the user, which involves reciprocal rights and obligations. 2. This license agreement contains the following annexes: Privacy Policy and Rules of the Game. The licensing agreement and its attachments are public documents and are available to each user to check by simply following the hyperlinks displayed above. Three of them. In any particular person, if the administrator wishes to have access to one of the games, at the time that it accepts all the rights and obligations set out in this license agreement, it becomes immediate by clicking on a pop-up menu on “Accept” or “Accept,” by checking the corresponding field against an appropriate consent statement, or by taking another action that results in accepting the terms of this license agreement that propose to a director. 4.

By deciding to register on a social network and sign up for the game by clicking “Run the Game,” “Play Now” or by clicking a similar button, or by installing the game on a mobile device via Google Play or the App Store`s mobile platforms, the user accepts the terms of the license agreement. 5. If the user does not agree with any of the clauses in this license agreement or its annexes, the user must refrain from attempting to access the game or, if he is already a gaming user on that date, immediately stop using the website and the game, representing the termination of the license agreement and the nullity of all previous licenses. 6. Any individual who is 18 years old at the time of entering into this license agreement can become a user. If a paid feature is purchased, a minor (under the age of 18) and/or a partially disabled person must first obtain the permission of their legal representative. In concluding the purchase of features for an assigned fee, a minor and/or partially disabled user indicates that she did obtain such authorization, and Administrator leaves it to her discretion to be honest about obtaining such authorization and it is not expected to investigate whether this was indeed the case.