I, `Of `County`, `age, healthy mind and elimination of memory, make, constitute, publish and declare to be my last will, revocing all previous wills and kodiciles that occurred there. The will must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are not related to you or who are mentioned in the wills. If your state has accepted an affidavit status, a self-proven state-owned insurance is also included and requires the presence of a notary to sign the will. We declare that this mutual will is not made on the basis of a particular agreement, that such arrangements have been taken in the same way, taking into account the other, and that each of us reserves the right to revoke it in several ways, at least without notice. This package contains two wills for a man and a woman who live without children. It is intended for people who, although unmarried, have the desire to carry out the mutual will and leave part of their property to the other. State instructions are also included. I name the executor of this desire to serve unrelatedly. I subscribe to my name on the date, at County, I declare that this will was done on the basis of an agreement between me and my [man`s or woman`s name], and we have agreed on how all our property will be disposed of, individually, collectively, collectively or otherwise, in the event of the death of one of us and the death of the survivor.

We also agreed to conclude and execute reciprocal wills for the purposes of the implementation of the agreement, provided, however, that none of us will carry out the ` in accordance with the agreement, without having obtained the written agreement of the other party beforehand, and provided that, after the death of one of us, the survivor does not revoke the will of the survivor , to modify or modify. I give, and by my name – of the person or the woman, of all the qualities, real and personal, and of any type and character that I may possess or to which I may be entitled at the time of my death, it is the intention and purpose that my name -[nom_ ` ] will take ownership and total limitation. 1. That, immediately after the implementation and delivery of this Agreement, the parties complete, publish and declare the last wishes and wills in the common form and will attached to Appendix A and designated as part of this common will agreement. If my husband or femme_ [my husband`s name], then and in this case, all my property, real and personal, including the property that my will is added up, must be disposed of in the following way: This checklist is provided to inform you of this document and assist you in your preparation.