In the event that an interim agreement notified in accordance with Article XXIV, paragraph 7, point a), does not contain a plan and timetable, the working group`s report recommends such a plan and timetable. The parties do not suspend or implement this agreement if they are unwilling to amend it in accordance with these recommendations. A further review of the implementation of the recommendations should be planned. Each member reviews its policy regarding the introduction of notifications through state-owned commercial enterprises to the Goods Trade Council, taking into account the provisions of this agreement. In conducting such a review, each member should take into account the need to ensure the greatest possible transparency in its notifications in order to allow a clear assessment of the functioning of the declared enterprises and the impact of their activities on international trade. A member informed the General Council that the import restrictive measures adopted for balance-of-payments purposes had been amended or amended, as well as any changes to the time frames for the lifting of the measures announced in paragraph 1. Substantial changes are communicated to the General Council before or no later than 30 days after they are announced. Each member makes a consolidated notification to the secretariat each year, including any changes to legislation, regulations, declarations of principle or public notices, for consideration by members. Communications include, where possible, comprehensive information at the tariff lines on the nature of the measures applied, the criteria used for their management, product coverage and trade flows. Recognising the contribution to the expansion of world trade, which can be made by closer integration between the economies of the parties to these agreements, (b) references to Articles XV:1, XV:2, XV:8, XXXVIII and notes ad Article XII and XVIII of the Treaty and the special exchange agreement provisions for Articles XV:2, XV:3, XV:6, XV:7 and XV:9 of the GATT1994 are considered references to the WTO. The other functions that the GATT1994 provisions confer on contractING PARTIES acting jointly are assigned by the Ministerial Conference. average annual trade in the last three-year representative period, which increased the average annual growth rate of imports, or 10%, over the same period; Unions and components of free trade areas regularly report to the Goods Trade Council, as provided for by the contracting PARTIES at the 1947 GATT in their instruction to the 1947 GATT Council on regional agreement reports (BISD 18S/38) on the functioning of the agreement in question. Any substantial changes and/or developments in the agreements should be notified as soon as they occur.

With regard to interim agreements, the working group`s report can make appropriate recommendations on the proposed timetable and on the measures necessary to complete the establishment of the customs union or free trade area. It may provide, if necessary, for a further revision of the agreement. In order to ensure the transparency of the legal duties and obligations set out in Article II, paragraph 1, point b), the nature and amount of all “other customs duties or taxes” levied on related customs posts, as stated in this provision, are stated in the 1994 GATT concession lists for the tariff category to which they apply.