Switch to product information management > Set up > size and groups of variants > storage size groups, and select a group of memory dimensions for products for which product planning must evaluate purchase trade agreements. Make sure that each relevant memory dimension in this group has a check mark in the For Purchase Price column. Repeat this step for any other relevant memory size group. The currency of the trading line must correspond to the currency of the selected lender. Product program planning contains only information from the buying trading lines in which the currency corresponds to the creditor`s currency. I don`t know what causes these differences and why AX 2009 ignores my deadline for trade agreements when they are activated. The use of sales delivery time includes several company-wide guidelines and items that affect orders and sales offers. A key directive identifies the “delivery time” delivery date control option and works in conjunction with a second directive on the number of delivery days (which can be expressed in calendar days or working days). These two guidelines can be presented as company-wide defaults, which affect the definition of the specific guidelines for the article regarding the delivery time of sales and the initial allocation of a delivery date in the sales order lines, as shown in Figure 1 and described below. The figures shown in the figure (1.2 and 3) refer to the main company-wide guidelines and their effects (for example. B 1a and 1b) and are an organizational priority for further explanations.

This theme describes how planning optimization can find the credit pointer and/or delivery time for a customer, based on the best price or delivery time found in all purchase agreements that have been indicated for a particular product. For example, I have an article A with an order with a delivery time of 15 days with the standard purchasing agency and 10 days for a commercial agreement. And an article B with an order with a 20-day deadline for standard orders and 0 days for the trade agreement. If I remove the standard delivery time, no changes change. Die Lieferzeit betr-gt 0 Tage im Bestellplan, jedoch noch keine Kreditoren-/Preis-/Lieferzeit aus der Handelsvereinbarung aus.