It is entered into by Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a Delaware corporation, headquartered at 3208 Red River Street, Suite 300, Austin, TX 78705, USA (“XPI”) and Scandinavian Health Limited, a company in force under the laws of Hong Kong. with registered office at Room 810, Argyle Centre, Phase 1, 688 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong (“SHL”). XPIs and SHTs are referred to as “parties” and together as “parties”. (ii) `specific agreement` means a registered agreement in which a person owning land or buildings or both agrees to allow another person to develop a real estate project on such land or a building, or both, taking into account a share of land or buildings or both in such a project, with or without payment of part of the consideration; This Joint Development Agreement is adopted as of June 2018 (“Effective Date”) by OT&T Land and Cattle Company, a Kansas Company (“OT&T”), at 920 Main Street, #1950, Kansas City, MO 64105; and Achievement Enterprises, Inc., a Kansas company (“Achievement”), addressed at 920 Main Street, #1950, Kansas City, MO 64105; and Blackwick Farms, LLC, a limited liability company in Colorado (“Blackwick”) (together the “Parties”). .