“second date of amendment,” the effective date of Term 3 of the amending agreement reached on November 7, 2011 between the Government and the joint ventures; (b) west of the intersection of this railway with the railway built pursuant to the agreement approved by the Iron Ore (MountNewman) Agreement Act of 1964, subject to and contingent on the joint venture (as defined in the previous agreement) abandoning all or part of its lease or lease on that section (and under the conditions that the Minister deems appropriate). 9DA (1) Joint ventures may propose a complementary proposal in accordance with item 7A: grant them a lease under the LAA and in accordance with this agreement on the railway section, which is held in accordance with the agreement ratified by the Iron Ore (Goldsworthy-Nimingarra) Agreement Act 1972, i.e.: (3 bis) a) The Minister may, at the request of the joint ventures , take it from time to time while this agreement is maintained. , to allow participation in existing eligible mandates. in accordance with this agreement, on the conditions that the Minister deems appropriate (including, but notwithstanding the Mining Act 1978 and the LAA, with respect to land surrender, the submission of detailed proposals and changes to the terms of the existing eligible mandate (including the existing mandate to be maintained in accordance with this agreement and for the more efficient use of the country concerned) to extend some time for the act or act. in other ways with the agreement of the joint ventures. A. The State and the joint ventures are now parties to the agreement of October 15, 1964, approved and provided for by the Iron Ore Agreement (MountGoldsworthy) Act 1964, which, as added, varied or amended at a later date, is referred to in this agreement as a “main agreement.” B) the terms of an agreement between the joint ventures and the titleholder.” (9) removing Article 9, paragraph 2, point j) (ii) and imposing the following new paragraph: ” (6) In order to avoid any doubt, there is nothing in section 12 that compels the joint venture to obtain or obtain the Minister`s approval or approval (by submitting proposals or other means) to a simple increase in production limits.” There you go. SIGNED by Shuzaburo Tsuchihashi) as a lawyer for ITOCHU MINERALS ) ENERGY OF AUSTRALIA PTY. Ltd.

) ACN 009 256 259 under the authority) of the lawyer of October 27, 2011) Joint ventures have recognized that the strategies of the joint ventures mentioned in the trap (3)a) will include strategies for providing services, labour, work, materials, facilities, equipment or supplies under this agreement. 8. At the request of one of the two, which are submitted at any time and from time to time, the Minister and the joint venture submit any changes to a plan approved by the Minister under this clause or considered approved by the Minister and may accept the modification of the plan or the adoption of a new plan. Such or a new plan is considered to be the plan approved by the Minister under this development clause. . (ii) under reasonable conditions, access for the construction and operation of such crossings and related infrastructure, EXECUTED by MITSUI IRON ORE) CORPORATION PTY. LTD) ACN 050 157 456 in accordance with paragraph (b) make reasonable efforts to ensure that the third party complies with these provisions.” 2. Joint ventures recognize the need for community and social benefits resulting from this agreement.

4. The day after the date the aforementioned bill begins to act, all the provisions of this Agreement come into force and take effect, despite all provisions or other laws. and given that the context requires such a mandate when granted; 5. The consequence of an arbitration award in point 4 above is that the corresponding plan submitted by the joint ventures in accordance with point 3 (b) must be considered the plan approved by the Minister in accordance with this clause, in accordance with point 4, as the arbitrator deems appropriate (with or without amendment by the arbitrator).