16. Full agreement, amendment. This agreement (i) constitutes the parties` full understanding and agreement with respect to the issues contained in it and (ii) may only be amended, amended or repealed by a separate act, exported by the recipient and the party who has filed a public deed that has expressly amended, amended or waived that agreement. This language obliges all companies related to the recipient and the publishing party to the terms set out in this agreement. This prevents a possible “escape.” The contracting parties to this agreement wish to conduct discussions on current and/or future trade relations. This agreement combines a confidentiality agreement, non-competition agreement and a circumvention agreement. The parties intend to conduct substantive discussions and exchange confidential information on certain new and useful business opportunities, trade secrets, business training and structuring and tax planning. In the course of these interviews, it may be necessary and/or desirable for the company to provide the company with proprietary, technical or commercial data and/or other confidential information of the company (together “confidential information”) or allow them to access it. Therefore, the pet accepts, individually and on behalf of those he represents, that they are subject to a duty of confidentiality. The company believes, and the pet agrees, that the confidential information provided by the company has a significant commercial value that would be affected by unauthorized disclosure.

Accordingly, the confidentiality obligations under this agreement are a precondition for the familiar`s willingness to participate in planned business discussions and planning. The trusted beneficiary agrees not to benefit from this information in his own store or in business, except in the case of a new agreement with all the other signatories of this document. Each undersigned party is responsible and responsible for its professional and personal quality in the event of a violation of this agreement. 13. Compensation. The beneficiary hereby undertakes to compensate, defend and maintain the custodian part of the disclosure of and against all legal actions: Commitments, means, losses, losses, or expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and fees) incurred or incurred by the revealing party due to or in connection with a violation of this agreement, including, but not limited to, the unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information in violation of this agreement, as well as involuntary or intentional acts or omissions in the execution of that agreement by the recipient or representatives of the recipient or persons to whom such persons disclose confidential information. This agreement remains in force by mutual agreement between the parties and applies for a period of five years from the date signed and executed by all parties, the effective date being the date on which the final signature is affixed. This provision allows the dividing party to seek an injunction to prevent or prevent the recipient from disclosing or using confidential information in violation of this agreement.