It is a legal contract between an agent and a client. You should ensure that your agreement is tailored to your own needs and that it gives the agent specific rights and obligations tailored to your individual situation. CEA has eight mandatory real estate agency contracts for the sale, purchase and leasing of residential real estate transactions. You can use exclusive or non-exclusive agreements for each type of booking. Distribution agreements are generally used as a low-risk means to expand the business to new markets or territories. As part of a distribution agreement, the supplier or manufacturer sells its products to the distributor, who then resells the products to customers who have a margin to cover their own costs and profits. When buying and reselling the products, the distributor addresses the supplier, his customer and the ownership of the products in question. There is therefore a significant difference between the distribution and the agency when the single sales contract between the customer and the customer is concluded and the representative generally has no contractual liability to the customer. In addition to protecting the interests of the parties to the real estate transaction, the signing of the CEA agreements on the prescribed real estate agency allows you to use the AEC`s dispute resolution program if you come across subsequent disputes with your real estate agent. The dispute resolution system offers a selection of mediations or arbitrations by centres approved by the AEC.

The officer`s primary responsibility is to act honestly and in the best interests of the client, with the necessary care, skill and diligence. An agent is required to act personally. If the officer is authorized to delegate his duties, this should be expressly stipulated in the agreement. In addition, you should not remove any of the existing clauses from the mandatory agreement. Real estate agencies should not define an issue that they should negotiate with you, nor select options for you. In addition to any changes to the additional conditions, both parties should consider the dates and changes to the decisions of the prescribed and original agreement.