In one case, there is even a scheme of 4 ² – 6² – 9² when using the module: the height of the façade (without pediment) measures 4² modules, the width of stylobat measures 6² modules, and the length of the stylobat measures 9 ² modules. Thus, the modular measurements of some of the main elements testify to the symmetry of the Parthenon. In this particular case, the height of the façade (excluding pediments) is at the stylobat width, because the stylobat width is the length of the stylobat and indicates the geometric proportion of 4² /6²=6²/9 ². In addition, artists often take liberties with the natural proportions of the human body to achieve their goals of expression. A well-known classic example is Michaelangelos` David, where the artist uses distortions of proportion to represent both the youth of the boy David and the power of the hero who is conquering the giant Goliath.